2 Genuine Ways to Earn Money from YouTube without Monitization

2 Genuine Ways to Earn on Youtube without Monitization

Yes you can earn on YouTube without monitization of your videos. If your monitization is not approved on YouTube and your channel got many viewes almost 100 views per day than you can also earn without monitization. Here I am going to show you the 2 Genuine Ways that help you in earning money from YouTube. Make sure your channel have got almost 5k Subscribers and views almost 100K than you are able to earn money big than YouTube without monitization and AdSense. 

1. Famebit

Famebit is the YouTube influencer marketing platform in which you got promotion of your videos like promotion of an app, promotion of an product etc. This is the platform which is provided by YouTube for promotion of your videos. Here you can earn money by talking to a brand and giving your channel analytics to respected company for their product, sample review or app/brand promotion etc are accepted in Famebit platfom. It is the leading marketplace for the creators of channels in YouTube. In many channels you see that they review a product or promote an play store app this is just because of famebit. Here you talk to different companies for their product review as I mention earlier. You can earn money by selecting which platforms you want to promote your brand on, what types of branded content, such as a product reviews, tutorials, tweets, photos and set your per video budget. That is why I told you that you have minimum of 5 thousand subscribers on YouTube channel to create an account on Famebit. Creators will apply to work with you by sending proposals describing the types of endorsements they would like to create for your brand, on which platforms and their fee. Once they accept your approval you will be able to earn money and can promote the respected content. You can visit Famebit website by clicking here

2. Promotion of Fiver gig by YouTube

This is just like Famebit. But in this case you have to make an account on Fiver which is freelancing platform of earning money by posting their gigs and giving your services to other by posting a work gig and by simple payout. In some cases you have not orders because of no promotion of your content thats why i am telling you the secret tip of your YouTube earning. First you have to post gig on Fiver. If you got enough orders on fiver and if you have a YouTube channel which got more than 100 views that could promote any content than you have to use fiver. This is very good platform with minimum less payout/withdrawl. You can gave your services to others like graphics designing etc. You can visit Fiver by clicking here
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