How Earn Money From YouTube Best Way To earn Online

How Earn Money From YouTube  Best Way To earn Online 

Thousands of things come to mind when we hear the name YouTube
For example, people use YouTube to watch videos, entertainment, movies, dramas and songs.
But where people are running it for fun, thousands of people are running it as their source of income.
And now millions of people are earning thousands of dollars a month by uploading their content on


Even today, thousands of people consider the online field to be a lie and a hoax.
Because too many people make some mistakes in the online field that they feel are harmful to the rest of their lives.
And all their lives they think that the online field is a platform of lies and deception.
But the reality is something else. To enter the online field, you must have some skills.
Because skills are the thing without which it is impossible to succeed in your online field or personal life.

The following are some of the skills that are in high demand in today’s online field.

Here you do any work in your daily routine whether you are working in a shop or you are running your own offline business you have to make a video of it and upload it on youtube daily.
To upload a video, you need to create a channel that you can create in a very simple way. First, you have to create an email, and then from that email, you have to log in to YouTube, and it is Then you have to click on the right side and then click on My Channel and create your channel. Now you have to name your channel here which you want to keep, and your channel has been created, but some settings need to be done. For which you can watch this video

As you upload videos, people will get to know you and then your YouTube target of one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours will be completed, and you will then be able to access your channel. Apply for monetization The YouTube team will visit your channel and after checking your channel will qualify you for the partner program and you can place ads on all your videos and as the views come in.

how to monetize youtube channel 

By the way, your earnings will increase and
When you have ten dollars in your account, you need to verify your identity, and then Google AdSense will send a PIN to your address which you need to add to your AdSense and
Then your account will be verified, and you will be able to get your payment at 100 dollars.


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