How To Earn Money Lumen5 / Convert Artical To Video And Earn Money online


How To Earn Money Lumen5 / Convert Article To Video And Earn Money Online

Lumen5 is a web tool that permits you to edit videos with different formats for social networks, it can even be synchronized directly with YouTube to be ready to upload them on to this platform. Lumen5 is extremely simple to use, it’s only necessary to repeat the link of the article to be converted into video, or to load the text directly.
After doing this, Lumen5 will organize the text in each segment of the video, and it only remains to review it, adjust it, customize it, and a few of minutes later you’ll have a video able to upload it to social networks. This tool includes an outsized number of customization options for videos since you’ll change the sort of text, its color and its location within the video, also as adding images, videos, and music Another thing I prefer about Lumen5 is that it includes a royalty-free stock of images, videos, and music, so by using it I guarantee that I will be able to not receive copyright penalties on any of the social networks.
Although Lumen5 includes tons of customization options, it somehow seems to be limited, so eventually, all the videos find yourself looking similar. However Lumen5 allows me to quickly edit videos for my audience, so it’s still an excellent option Recommendations to others considering the product Lumen5 may be a great online program to edit videos quickly, so i like to recommend it to all or any those that got to keep a continuing movement on their social networks. it’s simple to use, super intuitive, and visually appealing.
if you love editing quick videos for social media, especially if they serve as a way to transport my articles to another level, and I can do this with Lumen5 with no problems. Lumen5 is an excellent video Recorder that is simple to use. It has many customization options and allows you to modify each frame of the video to adapt it to my creative criteria.Lumen5 has a multimedia bank with royalty-free images, videos, and audios, so I can exploit my creativity without having problems with copyright, and without giving me a hard time looking for files in other third-party multimedia banks. I can add different types of texts, such as titles, quotes, and phrases to each video sequence when I consider it necessary, and customize its location in the video, colors, and more.
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