how to make money advertising ? Try Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense and How to Make Money

Using Adsense allows you to get a stable income from each web resource that meets the requirements of the program and which has traffic. The advantage of this advertising system is a large number of advertisers. This means that you can make money on Adsense using the website or YouTube channel on any subject and in any language – there is always a relevant ad.

Adsense benefits:

  • There is a suitable ad for any site;


  • Simple advertising mechanism;


  • There are no minimum site attendance requirements.


Any audience size of your web resource will already generate income if you install Adsense blocks. Naturally, the higher the attendance, the more income.How To earn Money From Blogger

AdSense Earnings Strategies

The main factor affecting the size of AdSense revenue on the site is the traffic; the more visitors come to the site, the greater will be those who click on the ad. Therefore, the main strategy for increasing earnings is to promote the site in search engines. But there are other factors affecting the percentage of visitors reacting to advertising.Download Newspaper 10 Theme For Blogger.


The behavior of visitors on the site is not described by exact rules, the webmaster can only apply measures that affect the likelihood that the user will notice the ad and click on it.

How to make money on Youtube channel views with AdSense

The owner of the YouTube channel can link it to an AdSense account and make money from viewing ads. This uses several types of advertising:
  • Ads before the start of the video, which can be skipped after 5 seconds.
  • Block personalized ads on the YouTube page, to the right of the video.
  • Advertisements that pop up over the video during playback.

After you enable monetization and linking with AdSense, ads will automatically be embedded in your channel’s page. You just have to further develop the channel, create and upload videos.

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