How to Start Informative (Biography) Channel Like Asif Ali TV or Haider Tv Complete Training

How to Start Informative (Biography) Channel Like Asif Ali TV or Haider Tv Complete Training



Friends if you want to create a YouTube channel like Asif Ali TV or a channel like Haider TV, I give you a complete guide.
I’ll tell you all about how to set up a channel
And then how to make videos like these channels, where to find topics for videos.
How to make a post for videos and where to get photos and videos to use in this video. I have read this post in its entirety.

Where to get text for video How to write text

Friends, before you start making any video, you must first have information about that video, and if you have information about that video or what your subject is, then perfect. If not, first you have to go to Google and search for what you will find in your video


Some of the most dangerous scenes in the world
This is the title of our Compress video. This is what we have to search on Google and this is what we have to search on YouTube. Now I will get a lot of information from different websites and from different posts. I have to write on it, and I will do a voice recording. YouTube Video Tags Generator

Great app for voice recording

There are a lot of friends in the app market that can help you record your voice, but I am also using the app that I am sharing with you, and it has many benefits, it is very easy to use. There are a lot of downloads for this app, and a lot of people like and use this app

Benefits of this app

  • It does not record noise.
  • It has a lot of audio effects.
  • This is a very simple app.

Echo App

This video will guide you on how to use this app and what settings are set.


How to edit video The best video editing app
After voice recording, you need a good video editor. If you want to edit video on a mobile phone, then I will recommend two apps which are number one.
Coinmaster is a fast and advanced video editing app that lets you edit all kinds of videos and is second only to Power Director. It is also a very simple and useful app.

If you edit videos on your computer or laptop, this is the best editor for you to record your screen and edit all your videos.

All Usable Tools And Video Editor App Link

Best Video Edit App

Best Video Edit Software

How To Edit Video


Voice was also recorded and video editing software was also found. Now you need photos and videos to use in your video. For that you can make great videos with the help of your camera but if you want free videos and If you want to take pictures and use them, I would like to tell you some of the websites where you can get pictures and videos for free.

Free Stock Image And Video Site

The number one site is where you will find millions of photos and videos

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