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What is the DigiSkills Program


DigiSkills Is an institution created by the Government of Pakistan
DigiSkills The purpose is to provide access to knowledge to people or courses that cost you thousands of rupees to learn online are being offered to you for free here.
Have already sold a lot from where thousands of students are learning and earning thousands of dollars a month

This is an online learning game for all students who want to learn skills. Digeskills provides courses (Freelancing, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, Graphics Designing, Creative Writing, SEO, WordPress Web Development, Digital Marketing, Digital Literacy, and eCommerce Management) courses.

Teaching on DigiSkills is made up of teachers who are top-level experts in the online field or let’s say their skills and beyond the DigiSkills have thousands of students who are earning millions monthly.

First, let’s talk about how to register

First, you go to its homepage
And there will be a register button showing. You have to click on it and after selecting your name and username and password you will click on register.

Now you are registered in it but now you have to complete all your profile, you have to provide all the information that is required from you and after completing all the process you will be fully registered in it.

How to enroll in courses

Simple is that after logging in you have to come to the home page where you will see the enrollment option at the top you have to click on it and all the courses will come in front of you

Now you have to enroll what you think is best and as soon as the classes start you will have a video show on a daily basis. Whenever you are free you have to watch the video and put it into practice so that you can learn from here. And at the end,q you will also be given a certificate from DigiSkills


These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use





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