OBS STUDIO Open Broadcaster Software

OBS STUDIO Open Broadcaster Software

OBS STUDIO Open Broadcaster Software


Obs Studio is a online software which is help to you start live streaming on youtube and also any online platform.if you want to run live streaming on youtube like PUBG Game which is trending in worldwide.so that is best software for you.that is not only use for live streaming.it is also use for Desktop Recording if you want to record a video for your youtube channel and also if you want to record tutorial videos for subscriber and viewers you can use this software.and secondly you can use this software for 1)Live Chat Scene 2)Scroling Text 3)Chorama Key 4) Camera Capture.


First of all, we are talking about  Camera Capture that is also like live streaming for Camera Capture you need to install this software on your software.that is also available in every window and apple system that why you have faced no problem to instal it.first of all go to google or any browser which is used. search Obs Studio here and download it.run it and go to settings here first of all you have to see theme settings that is provide two types of theme which black or white so select theme which is you want.and second thing is language that software also provides different language like English,Hindi or urdu select one you want.and next thing that is you have to see thah is streaming so if you want to run any streaming click on it and start.and here we are talk how to run this streaming so for example we are want to run a live pubg game on youtube.you need to select streaming.open it and first of all you have to see Types of Streaming here Obs provide to types of streaming 1)Streming Servise 2)Custom Streaming Server.chose first option which is Streming Servise.and next option is Servise mean which kind of Streaming you want run here Obs provides many options .so chose youtube/youtube gaming here .next option is about server chose Primary Youtube Ingest Server here.next thing you have to see that is stream key which is to important for any online streaming so how can you find this streaming key lets talk about it.so for that you have to go on youtube>go to your youtube channel dashbord and click on three dote here click on creator studio here and on left hand you have to see live streaming here.so go down page and see here for stream key and can find it.after find it you have to see Revel option here click on it and you have a stream key.so copy it and paste it on Obs Studio.and know you have to start your live streaming. How To earn Money On Whats app




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The Open Broadcaster Studio

Open Broadcaster Software is an open-source and free cross-platform media player and streaming application developed by the Open Broadcaster Project. Since it was released in 2020, the software has been known as Open Broadcaster Studio. Today, there are many versions of Open Broadcaster Studio available for various operating systems.


The most prominent feature of the Open Broadcaster Studio is that it is a cross-platform application that allows you to play and record any format of media, including audio and video streams. It also has a feature that allows you to stream the media directly from your device. This application is very helpful for broadcasting live events and presentations as well as for recording the broadcasted videos.


The Open Broadcaster Studio comes with a wide range of tools, including basic features like live streaming, recording, and metadata conversion tools. In addition to these basic features, it also provides advanced features like automatic transcoding and streaming. Some of the advanced features that are commonly integrated into OBS STUDIO include:


It is important for a user to know how to configure OBS. One of the things to take note of when configuring the OBS environment is the type of encoding. If you want to record audio or video with this software, you must ensure that you select the option of “automatic encoding”, otherwise, the transcoded file will not be properly encoded.


Another important feature of OBS is the ability to integrate multiple streams into one application. This feature allows users to easily switch between different streams. You can use this feature to broadcast live events on your website. For example, if you are running an online poker room, you can easily broadcast an event while simultaneously streaming a live tournament on your website.


To use the Open Broadcaster Studio effectively, it is important to make sure that you have a properly working Internet connection. You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN is great because it creates an encrypted tunnel that enables you to share your Internet connection between two separate computers.


Networking requirements vary depending on the operating system of your computer. On some networks, it may be necessary for you to enable Java Web Startup, which is an application that will load your browser from the Start menu instead of loading the entire web page each time the browser loads. You should avoid opening your browser multiple times, especially if it is a small web page.


If you are using a Mac or a Linux OS, you may have difficulty installing the OBS Studio if you use X-Windows, so be sure to check your operating system first before installing this application. Be sure to read the instructions in the package to make sure that you have installed the right version of Open Broadcaster Studio for your operating system.


You can find instructions on the installation of the OBS Studio at the official site. There are also many instructional videos available online on how to configure OBS.


If you want to broadcast live events, you should select the “auto-streaming” feature and choose the right channel to broadcast the events. Once you have selected the channel to broadcast, go to your OBS Studio and select “auto-stream”. You will be prompted with a list of different events.


After the broadcast begins, you can easily stream the event to your followers by clicking on “play” stream” and then clicking on “start streaming” in the streaming button. The auto-streaming function is useful in that it automatically starts streaming without any extra steps for you.


There are many other benefits of using OBS. You can use it to stream audio and video, as well as text. If you want to record and store information, you can either save it to your hard drive or FTP account.

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