Ubersuggest free keyword tool for SEO

Ubersuggest free keyword tool for SEO

What is SEO?

As you know that SEO stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is a process that is used to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic. The main objective to create any website or blog is to share information and organic search and traffic. If the website or blog has not organic and non-organic traffic, then there is no benefit to websites and blogs. A good SEO will rank your, Website, blog. The more people who visit your site, the more money you will earn. Google also has criteria, in which if you have no visitors on your website or blog Google AdSense will not approve your website or blog.

Why we need SEO?

If your website has SEO, then the Google algorithm will easily stand that which type of your website or content. When any person searches related to your content then Google will show your website.

What is a keyword?

The keyword is the main word. This is the keyword that helps you with SEO your website. Searching for keywords is also a difficult task. This is a very long topic. We will talk about in another post in full detail.

How can we do website SEO?

There are different methods of SEO. There is a lot of online tools that helped in improving SEO. But mostly are paid or trials. But now I’m discussing a completely free tool for keywords, which is https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

In the past, this tool was paid but now this tool is completely free. Just you should have a Google account. You can only log in with your Google Account. There is no option to log in with Facebook or any other social media. If you don’t log in this tool will not show any result. So, you must have a Google Account to use this tool.

Interface image.

After sign in this window will appear to look like that.
Now you can search for any keyword free. As I search for YouTube to mp3. Check the result. Because this tool provides a lot of information.

You can see that this tool is showing me Search volume, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty, and most important CPC (Cast pr click). To get more information you can scroll down this page. Note that you are still on the overview page.

If you want to check new ideas for your keyword just click on keyword ideas.

You can see the all result. If you want to apply filters to get a unique result you can apply different filters. By using different filters at the same time you can easily find your keyword.

Now you have now searched for keywords. And you want the content to work on. You can get ideas from the content idea tab.

If you want to analyze traffic for your or another website you can use the traffic analyzer tab. Check the following image.

Now you can see that I can check organic keywords, organic monthly traffic, domain score, and amount of backlinks. If you want to get more information about backlinks, just click on the backlinks box or tab.



If you want to know more information about this tool visit the following link.

I hope you will be like it and understand how to use this tool. If you have any questions, comment on me.

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