What is a backlink? How to get more backlinks

What is a backlink? How to get more backlinks


In simple words, a backlink is simply a link from one website to another website. Search engines like Google use backlinks to measure the ranking of a website. Because when any website link to another Google considers that the content is noteworthy, high-quality backlinks can help to increase a site’s ranking and visibility in search engine results (SEO).

Why backlink is more important:

A backlink is most important for google search algorithms and end-user. If many websites are linked to the same pages then search engines can interpret that content is worth linking. Because of google algorithm search based on a ranking factor, and a high number of backlinks.

Google will recognize your channel and rand due to backlinks.

Types of backlink:

  •  There are two types of backlinks.
  • 1 Nofollow backlink. 2 Dofollow


As this name shows that this backlink is not worked. Google algorithm ignore this link.


As this name shows that this backlink will work on every ware. Every Search Engine algorithm can be read this backlink.

How to get backlinks?

Building a backlink for your website will take time and effort. It depends on your hard work. here are some ways for you can start building the best quality link. You have to do all this procedure yourself, if you buy backlinks, Google doesn’t value backlinks. That’s why you have to work hard to create backlinks. The correct way to do this is to go to a website where you are allowed to do commands. Go there and link it to your website.

  • 1) Add your post or website link on different social media plate forms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • 2) Do a google for your related website, post, or content which is ranked on Google’s first page. Open it and past your link. These websites will improve your website or post rank.
  • 3) Crate a post which started from “How to” and “Why”.
  • 4) Write a guest post on another website or the blog and give your website or post a link in it.
  • 5) Building relationships with influencers.

In the last, I will tell you about a tool. Which will help you find a website to comment on in terms of your target word. This website link is given below.


you should have to enter your email address and this tool will be ready to use.

How to sign in free?

When you open this website, on the top right-hand side you will see a REGISTER (FREE) button. Click on it. See the following image.

After that, a new window will appear. Now you just have to enter your email address.

After entering the email address click on the sign up now button

How to use this tool?

This tool is very easy to use. Check the following image.


Enter your keyword in the green box. Set the category “Comment backlinks” from the red box. Select footprint “Do-follow comments” from the blue box. And click the search button. After clicking on the search button this website will show results on the google page.

I hope you will be like it and if you have any questions you can comment on me.


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